About Us

We're a clan/guild/gaming community that focuses on having fun. With no requirements & no rules, we expect every person who plays a game only plays it to have fun.

Currently, our gaming focus is with The Elder Scrolls Online for the PS4 - North American servers.

We have also just started adventures on Lineage 2: Revolution on North America II - Cruma01 server.
(Currently only available on Mobile Devices, Android & iOS. Though it also works with BlueStacks or Nox on PC)

If you would like to join us in our adventures, whether it be exploring, crafting or dungeons/dailies, feel free to use the Contact page or join our Facebook group.


The start...

During the testing phases of Ferentus Online for the PC, founded Malice Army. In 2005 Ferentus Online entered open beta. By 2007 Ferentus Online had met it's doom & has since ceased to exist.

Time for growth...

Later in 2005, Malice Army began to spread across multiple PC games to become a gaming community. Games like Guild Wars, ArchLord, SilkRoad Online & Counter Strike Source are some of those early games. As time progressed, newer games emerged like Lord of the Rings Online & Dungeons & Dragons Online.

New style of games...

Late 2008 saw the release of Fallout 3. This game broke barriers & introduced players across the world to a new immersive type of game. During this time, many game creators were moving away from the classic PC MMORPG to create action games for next gen gaming.

Risen from the ashes...

In 2016, Malice Army again found itself an MMORPG home. This time, in ESO on PS4. Now over 1 year old on NA PS4 servers, MA has had it's ups & downs. Holding steady at over 300 members, we're still hunting for more!

Come join us for the next chapter & help create MA history!

On the go...

With the launch of Lineage 2: Revolution, an Android & iOS MMORPG, ZohanTheMighty will take the reigns & continue to wave the Malice Army banner. You can find us on the North America II, Cruma01 server.

Come join us for the next chapter & help create MA history!